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What is Solid Wood Flooring?

A Solid Wood Floor looks & feels great & gets better as the years go by.

Every board is made from a single piece of hardwood. Solid wood planks are generally thicker photo 2 - Copythan laminate or engineered wood although solid wood is available from 8mm right up to 27mm in thickness. 



The wood is available unfinished or pre -finished. The three main types are Strip, Plank & Parquet. The unfinished flooring must be sanded and varnished after installation. Generally speaking solid wood is harder wearing than engineered. The solid wood floor can be installed by secret nailing or fully adhered to a sub floor.

Solid Wood Flooring comes in a huge variety of species and a choice of finishes, widths and design.


The Pros Of Solid Wood Flooring


Can be sanded & refinished many times.

If maintained properly they can last a 100 years or more.

Easy to maintain as they are very durable and will look good for years.

Homes with hardwood floors tend to sell faster than those with carpets.

Hardwood floors look great with any décor from traditional to modern.

They are more difficult to scratch and dent than Engineered Wood Flooring.


The Cons Of Solid Wood Flooring


Can be more expensive in comparison to Engineered or Laminate Flooring.

Can swell in moist conditions and shrink in dry ones.

When installing Solid wood flooring more attention to detail is needed with regard to humidity and temperature.


Hardwood Floor Finishes


When you are choosing the finish for your hardwood flooring you should consider your lifestyle and maintenance preferences. The type of finish you choose will determine how you care for it and also how the floor will look in the years to come.

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My Flooring Expert
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